Hiking – the hiking village in the Nockberge right by the lake
6. December 2016
Water sports
6. December 2016

Whitefish, brown trout, bass, pike, carp, tench, catfish, pikeperch, char and many other fish abound in Millstatt Lake with its drinking quality water. The wealth and variety of fish in the lake, combined with the elemental landscape and the surrounding waterways such as the Drau and Lieser make Millstatt Lake an insider’s tip for sports and hobby fishermen.

Fishing enthusiasts can carry out fishing within the conditions of the applicable Carinthian fishing law. It is a particular challenge to fish for cisco, char and brown trout from the boat. Millstätter Lake is also known for the fact that there is a particular abundance of whitefish over 70 centimetres long. In the shore areas, there are many kinds of white and non-predatory fish such as roach, chub, barbel, tench and carp, as well as the predatory fish such as catfish, pike, pikeperch, bass and eel. Try your luck at fishing!

Prices for fishing permit:

Fishing permit from the Millstatt Lake Fishing Association:
1 day: € 25,- for adults (€ 14,- for children)
1 week: € 66 for adults (€ 33,- for children)

In addition, there is a payment of € 5,- for the permit and a deposit of  € 14,- (returned later)