Granatium Radenthein

Sagamundo – House of Storytelling
6. December 2016
Döbriach farmers’ market
6. December 2016


Granatium Radenthein – on the trail of the garnet gemstone

In the centre of Radenthein lies the GRANATIUM, an exceptional and family-friendly world of experience surrounding the “gemstone of love and passion” – the garnet gemstone. A fascinating exhibition, a mystical tunnel, a wildly romantic gorge and a mining wall where everyone can find fine little gemstones – all of this is offered by the Granatium in Radenthein.

And best of all: you can extract your own gemstone and take it back home with you. The equipment is provided and the gemstone grinders can give the garnet a final polish if you like. Your beautifully sparkling garnet crystal will always remind you of the Granatium.

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