Türkhaus, Mühlenweg trail & Langalmtal

Sagamundo – House of Storytelling
6. December 2016

In Kaning there is the local museum Heimatmuseum Türkhaus. This is also the starting point for the family-friendly Mühlenweg and Kneippweg hiking trail, which culminates in the unique valley Langalmtal. Along the Langalmtal you go past a total of six chalets that will treat you to homemade cuisine.

Hiking along the Mühlenweg trail

From the mill, to flour, to crusty farmer’s bread with fresh herbs: along the 3-kilometre-long Mühlenweg hiking trail, a bakery, as well as a mini mill and grill areas await guests of all ages.

A few minutes after you have packed your shoes away in your rucksack at the Türkhaus at the start of the Mühlenweg and Kneippweg hiking trail, you can immerse yourself into nature with all your senses. First carefully and slowly, then speeding up as your feet find their way through the forest. It tickles and tingles when the forest floor pleasantly massages your feet…

You go past 6 mills and many Kneipp basins, where you can cool your feet and hands in revitalizing spring water. Then the tour leads back to the starting point.